Up the tall mountain,

Overlooking the beautiful city,

The splendid height of the mountain,

Reducing the skyscrapers into miniatures,

Enjoying the beauty of majesty and being above everything,

While laughing at man’s best ever efforts way below the mountain.

Just on the accosting the beach,

While enjoying the afternoon breeze,

Amazed at the waters wisdom,

Disregarding the forceful tides and waves, while maintaining the usual boundaries,

Sailing on our boat fearing for our lives as it’s tossed to and fro,

Perplexed by the blue waters that sparks off divergent theories,

Always wanting more after alighting.

Just beside the venerated garden,

With wonderfully manicured green grass,

Surrounded by taller flowers,

With resplendent yellowish and greenish leaves stylishly intermingled,

Without overlooking the lovely whitish edges,

With sweet scented beautifully adorned rose flowers strewn across,

Under the replenishing shade of a Mango tree thick foliage,

I lay down musing over nature,

Envying it’s calmness, fortitude, peace and natural beauty,

Wondering as I doze away the evening,

Whoever created nature must have had more than a PhD in everything,

Starting where human wisdom ends,

And I declared,

I am also His offspring.



  1. This is a beautiful poetic picture … it’s so vivid, and I love the ending line that states we are God’s offspring and part of his wonderful creation too.


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