What If I Die

Yes I am a man,

A son of a man,

Born as a boy child,

Grew up to man,

Aware of the troubles of men,

With less power to my destiny,

Even though with the One who hold my destiny,

So why do you threaten me,

Oh, if you don’t do this,

You know you will die,

I refuse to cower,

Cause if time permits,

Same fate befalls the threatener and the threatened,

I refuse to run,

I shun concealment,

Because of that,

Death always stares back,

So don’t just terrify me,

Because I ask,

What if I die,

For as for me to live is for Christ,

And to die is much more gain,

I will go be with my LORD.

With no loss made,

Now, what if I die.


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