Allover the news, we hear what we don’t want to,

Our dirty linen now being washed in the public,

In utter shame we gaze at shepherds shying at cameras,

Are there not wise men amongst us to wash the stains in the house,

Or am I the only one who sees this stained linen.

The stains are conspicuous, I can’t pretend,

Wild beasts have entered the house and the sheep are being mauled,

And why do we persist in this perilous highway,

When Isaiah saw a safe and secure highway,

Nobody seems to see what I see,

No one is raising a lamentation in the land,

Shepherds being filmed live in sheep’s private caves,

Most stinging by the secular world,

Or am I the only one who sees this soiled linen,

Where are you oh wise men of tested understanding,

We read of Ezra, Nehemiah and Zerubabel,

Where are our wise men to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem,

And what about the house of God that lies in ruins,

Where are the wailing women to rise up and raise a lamentation,

As Joel saw the later revival rain during our time,

Let’s our hearts be filled with godly grief because of our wicked ways,

For death has come up to our windows cutting off our children from the streets,

Or am I the only one who sees this stained linen?



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