Vanity of Earthly Glory

A walk past the admiring faces

Shouting and enviously waving at you

Their ecstatic mood maddened by your response wave

Leaving you feeling like a heavenly being,

Living a wonderful life of an idol,

You don’t want to leave

You don’t want to go.

Only for you, only for you

To go back to your five star hotel room,

As you lock the door behind you

and immediately you are reminded by a still small voice that, that

that you are still just a man

A human, and emptiness creeps in,

The glory shoved to the rear of your mind,

And you weep and weep with no one to console, because you are an idol,

Only a locked room watches helplessly as you pine away,

I concur with the preacher,

There’s nothing better for a man

than to eat and to drink and to let the soul enjoy your toil.



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