Ooh There Is a Saviour.

The LORD is my love,

The darling of my heart,

The power of my soul,

And the healer of my heart,

The Father to the fatherless,

And a friend to the lowly

As I desperately wallowed in darkness,

He stretched forth His gracious hand,

And He became a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path,

After snatching me from destruction and hades,

Oh, I will never lack, the LORD is GOD.

When surrounded by raging and roaring storms,

He proves He is the Rock of our salvation,

When dry and patched faint of thirst,

He emerges as the Rock of the living water,

And He turns our humiliation into jubilation,

Ooh, there is a Saviour.

When wavering without a leader,

He was and will always be the King of kings,

When alone and wandering in the dreadful forest,

Remember He was, is and will always be the Lion of Judah,

Ooh, what can I fear when the LORD is on my side?



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