How awesome it is,

To kneel down in Your presence,

And converse with your Majesty,

Who can restrain the praises?

I can’t hold back my tears,

When my memory runs back,

To the abyss you took me from,

Desperately wallowing in dense darkness,

No one was able to lift me up,

And the few who dared were defeated,

In the slough of despond I awaited my final destruction,

Only for you Lord, to come to my rescue,

Not that I chose You,

But You chose me,

A desperate, messy son of man,

LORD you gave me hope and life.



  1. Agufa Kivuya,
    You are my brother who I have yet to meet! But, yes, I have met you through the beautiful words you have painted. When I read this poem I feel that you are revealing my own heart!
    God Bless you,
    Keep writing for the glory of God.
    Ron Bouchard
    P.S. Thank you for following me, it gave me the opportunity to come to know about you and your poetry!


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