My son come near

Listen to your father,

Sometime ago

Countries colonised others

People fought hard for freedom

And for some time we tossed into freedom,

We build gabions to prevent any form of colonisation in the future,

Laws, boundaries and independence were engraved in our nations

When the goods started flowing in

Then we forgot the prayers and the spiritual support,

As we drunk and merry-ed in our comfort zones,

Then boom! Corona came.

Our hard earned economies fainted

Our leaders went back on their knees.

Tired of slavery of lockdowns and curfews,

We took to the streets enraged in demonstration.

But we were not sure who we were fighting,

My son, how can you fight the enemy you don’t see?

In life you better understand the seasons,

And never fail to recognise the time of your visitation,

Because after it comes your humiliation,

And the raging floods from nowhere,

will sweep you away at a time you least expect ,

My son you are young and you seem to know everything,

Please listen to your father

A day of reckoning always come.


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